The First Beach Day

October 4th, 2014

by Lauren Verboncouer

Kahala Beach

Our new home in Hawaii is near Honolulu and I’m unfamiliar with the beaches in that area. We knew our home was about 1 mile from the ocean but it appeared that this area of the coast was more of a surfers paradise. We looked online for some other highly recommended beaches in the area and decided on trying Kahala Beach. We were not disappointed! It was a nice quiet beach lined with palm trees, mellow waves and warm water. Andrew was a bit apprehensive about going in the water at first because of his fear of possible sharks lurking by. After seeing how clear the water was I think we felt a little more confident. We brought the GoPro and was able to get some fun footage during our time soaking up the sunshine. Andrew had thought he felt something on his leg at one point and I told him it was probably just a leaf. He was convinced it was something else so we grabbed our GoPro and did our best to get a shot of it. Once we got home we uploaded our footage and actually noticed that the object Andrew felt on his leg was an eel! Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Kahala Beach and decided that the next time we would come here we would for sure have to bring Keona to introduce her to the Pacific Ocean.

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