Surrey Teachers Collective Agreement

October 10th, 2021

by Andrew Verboncouer

Surrey professors will meet on September 19, 2019 in front of the Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains office to raise concerns about collective bargaining. (File photo: Lauren Collins) Matt Westphal, president of the Surrey Teachers` Association, said teachers need to be told Ralston is not in his office. As for bains` office, Westphal said he wasn`t sure if Bains was there or that the staff “just didn`t get their supply.” Ray and Lisa Warnock нууудатся вашей помощи с петицией “Surrey Teachers Association and Surrey School District: Support all Surrey teachers teachers who parent! Reinstatement of parental allowance for adoptive parents! ». Ray and Lisa и 410 участников этой кампании расчитывают на вас сгодня. Reminder that, in accordance with article 47.22 of the collective agreement, teachers must submit in writing to the economic committee of sta and the human resources department of the district their intention to claim non-teaching experience within six (6) weeks from the date of entry into force of their appointment to the school district. The announcement of the interim agreement is made because teachers across the province are in distance learning due to the suspension of teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I ask you to sign this petition so that the Surrey Teachers Association and the Surrey School District are encouraged to reconsider their recent negotiations and amend the collective agreement to restore the 15-week benefits to 70% over-blocking previously provided for adoptive parents and biological fathers. Let`s end discrimination in our district and recognize that families come in different forms. All teachers in Surrey who choose to choose parents should be appreciated and supported. When the PND came to power in 2017, Westphal said teachers didn`t think they would be there: gathering outside the offices of their NDP MLA. He said the class had different substitute teachers and teachers on demand, adding that the walls of the classroom were bald “because there is no stable teacher.” Local Calendar – Not sure how you`ll get acquainted with the extra time they missed for the second week of spring break? Watch the signed agreement below: READ ALSO: `We need triage`: Surrey teachers stage `Walk-in` to support public education, Fairy….

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