Santa Rosa Junior College Transfer Agreements

April 11th, 2021

by Andrew Verboncouer

The courses are taught on the basis of (i) the articulation agreement between the public higher education institutions in California or (ii) of the articulation agreement between the ceding institution and the institution (or departments) receiving, if any. In the absence of an applicable articulation between the transferable higher education institution and the SSU, the student`s transcript is evaluated by the admissions and registrations department of the SSU for the transmission of the ge courses and by the engineering department for the transmission of all other programs. Existing articulation agreements between public universities in California are available on the website at and/or Articulation agreements are formal, written and published documents that describe curricula accepted by the CJSS as comparable or in place of course work at the university. Some articulation agreements are “course-to-course agreements,” i.e. they show a certain trajectory of one institution and the comparable specific course of another. Other articulation agreements are “big arrangements,” that is, they show a group of courses that are acceptable to meet a whole range of requirements for greater preparation. We are committed to ensuring that our technical transfer students obtain their EI degrees within a reasonable time by providing them with the right path to graduation. Please consult the alternative roadmap when you leave one of the following local colleges: Students with 60 transferable semester units with an average “C” (2.0) are allowed to move to a California State University that equips at least 30 units in GE, including all areas A and B4, with C or better grades. The full certification of the 39-unit GE diploma requirement of 48 graduation units should not be maintained at additional lower divisions of general requirements. For 39 GE model units for full certification and other details, a student should see a counselor at his or their junior colleges. This document contains details of courses that can be transferred and applied to the BSE diploma at Sonoma State and presents a 2-year transfer plan for Santa Rosa Junior College students. You will find the general requirements for transmission to the SSU in the Admission section in the SSU catalogue.

The ES department has developed a curriculum to enable santa Rosa Junior College students to meet the requirements of the first two years of the SSU BSEE program at the SRJC and then move to the fifth semester of the program to complete the ESBE diploma at the SSU over the next two years. If you plan to transfer systems to the University of California or California State University, you can use to study which courses are articulated at the SRJC with courses at these four-year universities. If you are moving to an independent university in California or to independent state university, you need to do additional research to see which courses have already been organized at the CJSS or accepted as comparable courses.

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