Adventure Awaits

September 30th, 2014

by Andrew Verboncouer

Making Dreams Reality

When Lauren I first started dating, one of the most important things we did was talk about our dreams. Her dreams of working with animals, Dolphin & Marine Mammal training and my dreams of NFL, Business & Travel.

It’s always important to have the goal in mind and to have the future version of yourself visualized. We are not what we obtain by doing things, but we are who we become in the process.

“What you do Today shapes your Tomorrow.”

Letting Go & Letting God

We’ve had the goal of traveling and moving to Hawaii in mind for a couple years now and those of us that are close to us knew that we always talked about it but didn’t know when it would actually happen.

With my NFL Regional Combine and rookie camp coming and going earlier this year, without any calls or interest from teams, we decided that we’ve waited enough. It was time to let go of chasing the NFL and focus on family, business, and getting ready to move to Hawaii in October.

Lauren was able to connect with one of her friends & co-workers from the first time she lived on Oahu and coincidentally her mother was renting out a room in Aina Haina just outside of Honolulu. During our first month, we’ll be deciding if we should stay in Aina Haina or move to another part of the island once we become more acquainted with the ins and outs of life on the island.

Lauren has been doing so much to help prepare, plan, and make sure everything goes smoothly with the move. Hawaii has a really strict animal import process so there has been lots of tests, vaccinations, and plans to make sure that Keona is released once we land and isn’t quarantined. If immediate release isn’t applied for and organized, Hawaii’s quarantine policy is up to 120 days to make sure rabies and other diseases that aren’t currently present on the island stay out.

Family & Friendly Festivities

The last month of our time in Green Bay were filled with lots of family & friend activities; Labor Day weekend up at Shawn & Becky’s Cottage in Pound, WI, the Matt Wertz & Parachute Concert in Milwaukee, Dinner & The Head & The Heart concert with Chris & Pam at The Meyer, Darren & Kendra’s Wedding in Minnesota, Startup & Design Meetups, a Wisconsin Badger Game with my dad and my brother, a Packer game with Lauren, my nephew Nick’s baseball games, Carly’s half-time dance routine, Thursday Night Football games & drinks with my Brothers and our Team, lots of dinner dates and we capped it all off with a going away party at Fox Harbor with our closest friends and family. It was amazing spending so much time with everyone and made me wonder why we don’t make a point to all get together more often. We’re leaving for an adventure and I can’t wait until we get to come back to WI and spend time with everyone again.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Tomorrow we wake up at 2:00am to finish loading the car, fill up on gas, and head over to my Grandma’s. My dad is bringing us down to Chicago where we have a direct flight and arrive in Hawaii at 4:30pm.

Mahalo for all of the Aloha, we’ll see you on the other side!

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